Monday, August 3, 2009


Although this statement would apply to my current state (I have no idea why they insist on keeping my office this cold!!!) I'm actually referring to some of the produce from my garden.

I say garden like it's this lush green oasis of vegetables and berries to frolic through **insert image of person running is slow motion through a field of strawberries**

I have a few zucchini plants, 6 strawberry plants which have netted us about 8 wee strawberries, 2 sad looking tomato plants but we have picked about 4 tomatoes so that makes me smile, and a few measly carrots -probably not even enough for a Sunday dinner....for just Bruce and I....and I don't eat any carrots.

My pride and joy (yes, I can have pride in a plant) are my 4 Brussel Sprout plants. It was an impulse buy (kind of like buying a PEOPLE magazine while waiting to check out at the grocery store). I saw them at Olsen's Nursery and figured "What the heck!"

I will post pictures tomorrow because, as I just mentioned, I have pride in my plants and I'm proud that I have pride. Huh? Anyway, just look tomorrow.

I got off the subject. I found this great website that talks about freezing vegetables. As we discussed in Nursery yesterday (by the way, we have an opening...anyone want to apply?) Sharon is freezing her green beans and it just got me thinking..."Could I freeze my zucchini? I have 7 plants...did I go overboard? Maybe? Just a little?

Here is the website if you are interested.

Tune in tomorrow to see the awesome Brussel Sprouts.


Adrian said...

7 zuccinni plants? ????? You must have them coming up everywhere!! I always freeze my zucs...shredded, cubed, stringed (like spagetti, to use as spagetti). YUM! Cant wait to see your brussel sprouts. So glad they are working.

Jen said...

I second Adrian's comment - 7 zucchini plants!!! You must have been insane.

Fancypants said...

Yes, but for some reason I'm having a lot of zucchini go bad on the plant. They grow about 3-4 inches then turn yellow and die. I'm still getting plenty, but not as many as you would have thought.

I kind of thought I would be the zucchini dealer of the neighborhood.

Trimble said...

I peel mine cut them up and throw in the blender for a nice applesauce texture that can be added to just about anything: spaghetti sauce, waffles, pancakes, etc. and no one knows...