Monday, March 16, 2009

Berkley's Prayer

I realize many of you may not know the REAL Berkley. Outside of her comfort zone she is quiet and shy and really won't even look you in the eye. But behind closed doors, or 'comfortable doors' she is a ham. She LOVES family prayer and when we say it's time for prayer she gets so excited and calls the kids over, kneels down, and is so eager. Every time we say a prayer she insists on saying it and even if we tell her it's someone else's turn...she still has to say her own prayer after the original prayer is said. She dutifully folds her arms, bows her head and closes her eyes. Last night she said family prayer and here is what she said.

She starts out with all the correct wording and then says...."bless Jesus be safe, bless daddy & Connor be safe, bless my Sissies be safe, bless mommy be safe, bless Grandma & Grandpa be safe, bless food be safe, bless daddy be safe....." and then ends it with all the correct grammar.

We always end with a smile on our faces when she says the prayer. I think Daddy gets double blessings to be safe because he's not big into the seat belts.


jaime said...

She is so cute! I love how kids pray. My nephews fight over who gets to say it every night. It's funny when they start blessing their favorite toys.

Fancypants said...

An all time favorite memory of mine is when one of the older girls (Paige I think) blessed that the Holy Ghost would get a body. She said that after a lesson in Primary about how the Holy Ghost didn't have a body. How stinking cute is that?

Dave, Lexanne and Cole said...

I love the picture of your super spy. Kids are so funny.

Jen said...

So Cute! Some how your blog was no longer on my tracker. I was about to give you a hard time for not updating for weeks. Looks like I was the dufus!

Rachel said...


You guys will be one safe family.