Tuesday, March 10, 2009

St. (In-N-Out) George

Recently Bruce and I had the opportunity to get away ALONE to St. George. The older kids were safely tucked away at their other parents, Berkley and Moshi were chillin' with my sister, and Potsy....well....Potsy was being babysat by my sis-in-law & my gracious neighbor.

Bruce & I had some awesome sushi and Thai food, In-n-Out was a definite sight seeing stop (twice), we went on a hike in Snow Canyon, and caught a movie. One fun part was that we met up with my friend Jen and her friends who were also on retreat down south. The weather man still owes me 10 degrees as it never really did get as warm as we thought it would. I'm going back with my sisters and mom for a girls weekend retreat at the end of the month. I expect to see a little more sun and a little more skin (Fran....bikini!).

Here is Bruce hiking the Three Ponds trail. I think there was a typo because it should have been the Three Puddles trail.
No one was around to take our picture so I had to figure out another way to take document our adventure.


Fran said...

You better believe it! Bikini here I come! And it better be Bikini weather.

jaime said...

I like the picture you took of the two of you. My bro, his gf, and I once made a lama with our shadows....skilz!

Jessica said...

Looks fun!!! (I thought Potsy was gone?)

Fancypants said...

Potsy is gone now. He wasn't when we were in St. George.

Rachel said...

It sounds like a great little getaway.