Friday, September 26, 2008

Arachnid Education

Kim left a comment on my blog which made me think of something I learned years ago and I have never forgotten it. A co-worker who used to live in Arizona always had encounters with **gulp** Black Widow spiders. She told me how to identify their web. We all see various webs around the yard or in a dark corner of the basement but the 'home builder' is not always visible.

You know you have a black widow web when:

1. The web structure is very erratic, messy, a variety of webs going every which way.
2. If you run something through the web (i.e. a broom handle, your husbands finger, etc) it will crackle. You will literally be able to hear the web breaking.

If your web meets both of these requirements you've got a serial killer on your hands. EVERY time I've done this I've been correct and found the suspect. I'm judge, jury and executioner. The legal system around our house is very swift.

Good luck Black Widow hunting!


Rachel said...

Ok, that is 1) VERY good to know and 2) CREEPY as all get out!


Jen said...

Thank you for freaking me out! Do you not remember my childhood tragedy of being bit by a black widow. Let's reflect - Horrible pain, large black/purple welt on my leg, poison that stiffens the entire leg, and last but not least.....the fear of never knowing when and where I was attacked.
Ahhhhhhh - I will have nightmares tonight.

Fancypants said...

But now you know how to avoid them and identify their evil lair.