Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mascot Bowl

FHE was the Mascot Bowl. It was actually fun. I know I sound surprised and I was. Here is what made it so cool:
1)Sky divers brought the game ball in from 5,000 feet.
2)Mascots were there from the local colleges and sports teams PLUS some national teams.
3)The Jazz Bear was right in front of us walking on the fence and he *boom* fell. I hope he had a cup (or two or three) to protect his posterity.
4)The concession stand made dinner for me.
5)We were there as a family
6)We sat by the Crowley family
7)We saw the Sheltons, Owens, Hydes, Sheffields, and Hoopes
8) See captions below.

We saw our future son in law play. Which one will it be? #23 or #33???? The highest bidder will win our love. Paige's love is secondary.
From left to right as best I can remember: Pioneer Pete, Grizz, some other critters, Cosmo, Buzz the Bee, a bird or some sort, and the Phoenix Suns Gorilla. I don't watch sports, OK??
C. Bolerjack and A. Harrington.
Frank Layden
Our babysitter.
The Denver Bronco neigh.
The only downer of the night was that we bought some raffle tickets to win a year of free meat. Sadly we will be vegetarians for the next 12 months.


Mary Denton Taylor said...

Looks fun! I'm bummed I missed it. Oh well, there's always next year.

Rachel said...

That is so fun! We contemplated going, but I forgot McKay had speech therapy last night. Bummer.

Harris was playing the drums with his son for the halftime. McKay would have enjoyed seeing that. It sounds like it was lots and lots of fun.

Kim said...

Sounds like fun. I'm sorry I missed it too. Does Paige know you're blogging about her future husband? ;) Oh, and sorry you didn't win the meat.

Jen said...

1 year of free meat! That is a lot of meat.