Friday, September 19, 2008

Lost the Will

I've lost the will to blog. **sigh** In an attempt to do something, anything !!! I'm asking an important question. One that could change the course of history.

wHaT iS iN yOuR pUrSe!
As I was trying to dig out money for my morning coffee (i.e. Diet Coke) I noticed a bunch of random items floating around in my purse. It's odd that they found a home where they did and it's even more odd I didn't notice them until now.
Here is my list:
Wallet (duh!)
Tickets to the Tab Choir performance "An American Songbook"
Keys to my hubbies truck
Coupon for .75 off 2 Toaster Strudel Pastries
4 dice
Lotion- Wild Honeysuckle scented
Pen lid, but no pen
Coupon for free cotton panty at Victoria's Secret (I'm sure Bruce planted this)
Key chain with a small light on the end courtesy of Les Schwab Tire
Condom. I know!!!!! Me too!!! Actually I don't know how this got in my purse! I'm embarrassed to type it but I'm playing the game and it's in my purse!
Business Cards
Lipstick (Mary Kay Silver Sand), liner and chap stick (Aveeno Intense Relief)
A screwdriver with interchangeable bits - Phillips and Flat Head
Ipod ear phones
5 random pennies swimming at the bottom
earrings (I thought I lost glad I played my own game)
So if you dare, play the game with me. What's in your purse?


Rachel said...

Can you believe this? I do NOT own a purse. I never have. *sigh* I am deprived.

I do have a planner. Sadly, it has only my credit cards (and store cards and all that jazz), a TON of receipts, my checkbook, a pen, and the planner pages. BOOORING. (But it IS a boring planner. And I have nothing to plan.)

I also have a diaper bag. But it is new (well, I got it for Ella) and it lives in the van, so inside are diapers (sizes 2 and 4), wipes (Kirkland Signature), 2 binkies, a Sweet Streets kitchen table toy (Uh, I dunno?), a teether, and a change of clothes...but in the wrong size. 0-3 months. Gotta change that before I end up with a blow-out at church and NO back-up outfit, eh?

I am STILL so sorry about your blog. Waaah.

Rachel said...

Well and when I say the wrong size, I MEAN for Ella. But since I wasn't clear, I guess 0-3 months is much too small for me too. However, I really don't run the risk of blowouts at church, so I don't carry spare outfits for myself.


Trimble said...

I totally want to play your game but the monkey's sleeping and I'm supposed to be packing right now...

Fancypants said...

Ok - my reply to Rachel is: You make me laugh.

To Trimble: Are you wearing a wig on your Facebook picture or did you used to be a "Jessica Simpson Blonde"? Play my game when you can.

Mary Denton Taylor said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your blog. How frustrating! So, are we supposed to post what's in our bag here? Well, I guess I wont' wait for an answer. here it is...

wallet (I'm such a copycat, huh?)
body spray (sweat pea from bath and body works)
tampons (3 sizes)
bookmark made by my dd
random receipts
one lipstick
two chapsticks
memory card case
55 cents in change (not sure why its not in the change zipper part of my wallet!)
2 AA batteries
2 small mirrors

So, that was one of my four purses. maybe tomorrow I'll add purse #2. :)

Fancypants said...

Yes, I'm curious what's in all 4 purses! I want 4 purses.

Jen said...

I recently cleaned out my purse so it is not as exciting as it would have been last week.
Work ID badge w/ bus pass
Delta Airline headphone adapter
Cell phone
Used Kleenex (gross I know)
More Gum
Visiting teaching assignment list
472/473 Bus schedule
10 (Yes 10!!) lip glosses or lip sticks
1 bar of homemade soap (fragrance is Summer Sorbet)

Fancypants said...

Now I know where to go for gum or lipgloss.....or the 473/473 bus schedule.