Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Heebie Jeebies!*!*!*!

Bruce calls this morning and says, "Did you get my email?" I look in my inbox and see an email titled "Look what Berkley found." Innocently I opened the attachment to find this glaring back at me.

How in the heck did this un-invited guest get into my living room? More importantly how did Berkley know it's name? Bruce said he could hear her downstairs saying "Mantis" over and over again. Bruce said it's one of the biggest and greenest one's he's seen in a long time. How comforting.

I've noticed a lot of grasshoppers this year so I'm sure he's had plenty of buffets to attend.

I'm thinking he got in through the back door which was left slightly ajar this morning because the dog was out and he will just push the door open when he's ready to return. It saves our door and door jam because otherwise he scratches until someone lets him in. I'm sure the door was open for a few minutes before it was shut.

I just imagine this mantis, sitting on the doorstep, tilting his head sideways thinking, "Hello, anybody home? Your door is open....Hmmmmm...I think I'll just mosie on in and see if they have any good arachnids or any Melanoplus differentialis I can eat. **That's the scientific name for grasshopper. Mantis' have a college professor look about them, don't you think?**

Bruce's last words before he hung up the phone - "I put him on your bed."


Jen said...

I was just thinking the exact opposite. It feels like I haven't seen any grasshoppers or mantis all summer. Lucky Me! Poor You!

Fancypants said...

We have had tons of both in our yard. Connor had to collect a mantis for school, sent the kids out, within 5 minutes they found one. I see one ever time I go outside. Maybe there is a conference going on that I'm unaware of.

Curious if others from my hood have had the same mantis/hopper sightings. Anyone?

Kim said...

A grasshopper jumped onto my windshield as I was going to get Jonathan from school today. And we've seen a mantis this summer, but not tons. We also had a humongous moth on our front door a few months ago.

Rachel said...

Yep, lots of mantises...manti? this year. And quite a lot of grasshoppers.

Better manti (I'm going with manti as the plural) than spiders...but NOT on your bed! Ack!

Kim said...

I have seen spiders too. We had a run in with a black widow the other day. Thankfully, it was outside and Russ killed it.

marniwho said...

I think our kitty and Berkley should get together. Kitty brought in a Mantis this morning and the screams from Kendall were crazy. That was our first mantis all the others have been grasshoppers which she plays with till their legs have been ripped off, I am amazed at how many legs I have found on our kitchen floor (now sweeping kitchen everyday) Kitty has almost earned her merit badge, and earned herself a new home.