Monday, November 17, 2008

Freedom is Not Free

This is a quote from the Korean War Memorial. Recently I was able to go to Washington D.C. for work but did some sight seeing as well. Here are a few of my pictures:

The inspiration for my Blog title

A crystal at the Museum of Natural History
The Wright Brothers plane at the Air and Space Museum

The Spirit of St. Louis (1st plane to fly from Paris to NYC non-stop)

Washington Memorial at night
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Jefferson Memorial
Korean War Memorial
Korean War Memorial again
Vietnam Memorial
Lincoln Memorial
Standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial
The Lincoln Memorial
Layng on a bench at the base of the Washington Memorial
View of "The Mall" from the top of the Washington Memorial
Another view from the top of the Washington Memorial
Last view from the top of the Washington Memorial
Have I mentioned the Washington Memorial?
At the WWII Memorial
Jen, Me, Jersey, and Ansel just after we had breakfast with W.
A note to Jen: We didn't come up with nicknames for ourselves. I feel a little left out. How about Dini (because of how quick you changed pants at the airport...Houdini) and Fonda (because of my stretchy work out pants?)


Trimble said...

Very fun pictures!

Mary Denton Taylor said...

That nighttime Memorial (Washington, that is) picture is gorgeous!!!! So cool! And I want to touch that crystal - how awesome is that??? AND I am totally FREAKED at the idea of flying all that way in THAT teeny plane! Someone was crazy, that's all I'm sayin'! AND FINALLY, did you cut your hair?

Fancypants said...

Well, I cut my hair before we did our shopping Saturday. It's plane hair (we took the red-eye to D.C.).

Fancypants said...
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Jen said...

I do feel a little left out not having a nickname. I think Dini and Fonda are perfect. LOL - I just imagined you in those running pants in the airport again. Very Funny!

Rachel said...

I love the pictures. It is kind of funny because some of my favorite pictures from our loooooooong trip to DC (with many many pictures) were of the same things as yours were. I mean obviously the monuments and such, but the Korean War statues, the Spirit of St. Louis, the Wright Brothers flyer, etc. Kinda cool.

DC is truly one of my favorite places. It is just steeped in history.

And seriously? You noshed with W?? Like THE W?

Fancypants said...

I wish it was the real W. We just wandered through his halls....well,not even HIS halls. Just the parts of the White House open to the public. But that sounds a little generic. Doesn't it make for a better story if I say I had breakfast with him??

Rachel said...

Oh yes, let's keep with that version.

Dave, Lexanne and Cole said...

I am jealous! It looks like a great time.