Wednesday, November 19, 2008

On The Porch

I cleaned out Berkley's room and found a few things that are still in GREAT shape and need a new home. These items are sitting on my porch right now, even if you are reading this at 3am (**wink**wink**Rachel). Click on the picture for a better view.

Post a comment on what you would like (so others don't arrive at The Porch and get disappointed) and please collect by Saturday 10am. After that you will have to go to the D.I. to pick it up.

If someone at work reads this please post a comment and I will bring it to work. If you don't know where I live you shouldn't be reading this blog!

These should be taken by the same person because the balls are interchangable. The train spits the balls out the back, the other contraption blows the balls up the top and then they roll down the loop again. Train batteries are probably ok. Blower needs new batteries - the ones in it are getting low. Both play music.
Only one of the Teletubbies work. They make Teletubbie noises (which are unintelligible to the adult ears) but again, only one works but I don't remember which one. Leopard and Frog Beanie need no explanation and unintelligible sounds not included.

Set of 4 Pooh Bear characters in a bag and a baby blow up thingy with a bell and ball in the middle. I guess a baby is supposed to roll on it - the older kids used it as a weapon.

Shape sorter, 10 finger puppets, and a little car with Big Bird.

2 set of keys that make noises when buttons are pushed, a tinker piano, and the Elmo piano is battery powered and there are a variety of delightful sounds. The Tiger is a flashlight that should 'roar' and the mouth opens up to reveal....drum roll......the flashlight portion of the show. It seems to be having some technical difficulties but it may only need new batteries.

These are for the younger crowd. Connecting rings, some chewy keys, another baby toy that rattles (looks like an atomic atom), 3 balls with little animals inside.
I have a strict return policy - there is no returning it.


Mary Denton Taylor said...


OK, I don't need any toys, but thanks anyway. What I really want to talk about is BL!!!! Can you believe Amy did NOT vote Vicky off???????? I was SO ticked! BAD decision. Plus, I LOVED Coleen! sniff sniff I have to say, I usually am not too interested in the "talk" they have with all the players during the finale, but this time I am really interested to see what people really think of her! Even Ed and Heba seemed to get annoyed with her this week!

Fancypants said...

I totally agree. Amy backed herself in a corner by promising not to betray the Blue team. Vicki is a mean, dark person. I would like to be a fly on the wall and see what Vicki thinks/says as she watches this air. I wonder if she even sees what a rotten person she is.

Kim said...

I don't need any toys myself, but I will take any leftovers for the daycare I work at. If you have anything left by Saturday, let me know and I'll take anything you would have taken to DI.

Dave, Lexanne and Cole said...

Hey, Colton would love the elmo piano if its still available.

Fancypants said...

Elmo Piano is taken everyone! I'll bring it to work L!

Rachel said...

Can we get the Teletubbies, just in case we lose our beloved Teletubbies one day? They are so hard to find anymore.

And if no one wants the ball ones in the first pics, Ella, Garrett AND Mckay would enjoy those.

Wow, cool, thanks!

Fancypants said...

Rachel- someone from my sis in laws work wanted most of the toys. I think I can get the Tubbies back for sure.

Rachel said...

Oh don't worry about it at all. We have one of each of the Tubbies, so they would have just been spares for "just in case", so if someone else is feeling Tubby Love, then by all means, spreading the love is good. ;)