Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey Trot & Bowling Bonanza

Thanksgiving started with a Turkey Trot. A 5K race through The Meadows shopping area. Thank you to Sharon & Mary for inviting me, thank you to Jen for encouraging me, and thank you to myself for not throwing up. The picture is of my number and I was so pleased with myself I wanted to wear it all day long...pinned to the outfit I wore to Thanksgiving dinner....but I didn't. It's being framed and I'm so inspired I want to train for another race.

We went bowling while enjoying our glorious 4 day weekend. Sorry the pictures are a little dark. This is Connor strutting his stuff.

Here is Kennedy - her form isn't bad.

Berkley gets a little help from dad and from the ball ramp.

While waiting for our lane to become free the kids had a friendly little game of air hockey.

Kennedy won Bruce. I've NEVER won Bruce in all our years together. Maybe Kennedy will become the next Jr. National Air Hockey Champion.

Berkley is showing her true NRA colors.

And lastly Paige. Initially she used the 'chuck and run' method of bowling. By the end of the game she was doing much better.



Trimble said...

Fun stuff and nice work on the turkey trot. Connor did a great job today on his talk, btw.

Rachel said...

It all looks so fun! (We love Jack and Jill's too. McKay is a keen bowler. He gets like 120 everytime! Crazy!)

Excellent job on the race. That is way cool.

Mary Denton Taylor said...

Woot woot!!! That's so awesome that you did that race! It was a good thing I didn't go - was running behind all day - but I wish I had been able to. Maybe I'll train with you for next year!! :D

Small town country girl said...

Yea on doing the race i wouldn't make it 5 feet lol

great pictures of the kids

bruce looks a lot like gary in that picture

what did kennedy do with bruce after she won him?