Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Update (extended version)

We had a busy yet refreshing weekend. On Friday night Bruce and I flew to Phoenix to attend the sealing of Ryan and Sally M (all of you ward readers...member them?). The older kids were tucked safely away with the 'other parent' and Berkley was spending some quality time with Aunt C. We were able to sleep in and lounge at the hotel until our ride came to get us. I don't want to take away from the special feelings and experience of the temple, but boy!!!! it was nice to sleep in, eat breakfast, go sleep some more and basically see how little we could do until 1pm. Note to Jen: I did go and run at the fitness center and THEN went back to sleep.

The temple was so nice and the spirit really touched me. We went through a session with them and then went straight to the sealing. It was sweet to see them get sealed but even sweeter to see the kids be sealed to them...I have never attended a family sealing before.

We ate dinner and retreated back to our hotel heaven. We started to watch Sweeney Todd but promptly fell asleep (and I'm glad we did because it seemed a little gruesome. I'm officially afraid of barbers now). Sunday morning we perfected our lounging, and napping until we had to depart.

We got home about 5:30pm last night to a sweet little girl who had been to the zoo and made cupcakes with her auntie. She gave us the proper amount of hugs and kisses and spontaneously said "I missed you mommy."

My heart melted.


Jen said...

I am officially jealous. That sounds like a wonderfully relaxing weekend. I am proud of you for running!

Rachel said...

Mmm, that sounds like the perfect weekend for sure.

The family sealings I have been to have been so touching and always strengthen my will to do all I can to live worthily of all of those wonderful promised blessings.

Congrats to you on the lovely weekend and to Sally and Ryan.

marniwho said...

that's MY Temple. 15 years ago Jonathan and I were married there. I miss AZ! boo hoo :(