Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dinner Blues

I began to dread the hours of 5-6pm. Dinner time. What to have? Do I have the ingredients? Will Cheerios and green beans be acceptable? Does it take 2 hours to make therefore pushing dinner to 9pm and then I'm afraid Berkley will pass out in her soup and suffocate?

So many questions.

I found a blog with some really good ideas for dinner and most of them have recipes. I found it through a friend (thanks Tera) and most of the recipes have ingredients which I would normally stock and have on hand. It also gets us out of our food routine we seem to be in. When the kids begin to openly weep it's time to switch things up.

I also committed to making a two week menu, making a shopping list, and the biggest thing....making a note of what I have to do the night before to prep for the following night's dinner. For example: take the chicken out of the freezer, brown hamburger meat, cut up veggies, etc. I've found if I write it down I'm more likely to do it. I keep my menu, recipes and 'night before' list handy in my kitchen. Although it's only been a few days I'm a much happier mother in the evenings and the beatings have been dramatically reduced.

Click HERE for the link to the dinner blog. (or it's at the top of my list of blogs)
Have fun! I tried the chicken cordon bleu crepes and they are fabo! I have a quick and easy recipe for homemade crepes. If you want it let me know. If you have a blender and a frying pan you can make them.

p.s. some of the recipes seem to be more like 4 or 5 servings. I've had to adjust a little, just pay attention if you have a large family or a large eater (like me).


Becky said...

I'm excited to check out that blog. I totally get into dinner ruts, too. And then I think, "I have to make dinner for HOW many more years?" It's not actually the making of the dinner I don't like, it's the deciding what to have. I just do a one-week schedule, because I can't think that far ahead... Another blog I just found that I really like is I made one thing off there a couple days ago (it was a honey chicken type thing) and it was a hit.

Krishelle said...

Hey Nancy! Thanks for the site - I think this will really help me. The Chicken Cordon Bleu Crepes sound really yummy! I am going to try it next week.

hEaTHer said...

awesome! always looking for new recipes! thanks for sharing!

Trimble said...

I'm so excited that they have a recipe similar to the syrup at
M@918y'5 Fresh! BTW, another great resource is

Fancypants said...

Trimble - I visit your dinnertimeideas blog often and have tried a variety of recipes. Very good idea. I should contact Kathryn and submit some of my ideas too. You can never have too many ideas for dinner.

Rachel said...

Yay! I always love ideas!