Monday, February 2, 2009

Tylenol anyone?

We had a big day in the Mackay household. Paige got her braces. She was very much looking forward to this day and we found a great ortho just minutes from our house and it's the new Ward hang out...because other kids from our ward are patients there.

Here is a before and after. We loaded up on Tylenol. Some for Paige & some for me and my wallet. How can $1.25 in metal, a few rubber bands and 15 minute check-ups cost so much??? I truly am happy to do it and even happier that she's back to eating solid foods again.

Love you Paige!


Jen said...

All the pain and money will be worth it. And Paige will thank you so much when she is older and has beautiful teeth.

jaime said...

I always wanted to have braces when I was kid...I'm sure she looks cute!