Monday, February 16, 2009

Random bits-o-info

Here are a few things I've been thinking about for a blog, but none are all that interesting alone. I've compiled a few for you to nibble on. I will also give credit where credit it due.

1. If you aren't hungry now you will be after visiting this website. It compiles recipes from websites and blogs. You click on the picture and it takes you to the site. Thanks Jen. Keep a napkin handy for the drool.

2. Another good food one is Thanks Becky.

3. I made homemade pasta this weekend. It was so delicious. The most time consuming part was making the dough but if you have a food processor it would be tons easier. I borrowed Jen's pasta roller-outter and made a little lemon butter sauce to go on it. Fabio would be proud. Thanks Jen for the use of the machine.

4. Berkley chose her own hairstyle today. Notice the little bows on her ears. They are courtesy of her Build-a-Bear. She has been obsessed with the headband since yesterday. Thanks daddy for letting Berkley's personality shine.

5. I went to dinner a few weeks ago with some great friends from high school. It was so good to sit and chat and get caught up. Bruce was a trooper, he didn't know anyone yet he was happy to go and did not embarrass me. Thank you to everyone who came. Let's do it again.

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