Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thank you muffin!

Bruce is the best at giving gifts. He always thinks of unique things and loves to surprise me. One of the first gifts he gave me was when we were dating. He sent me on a savenger hunt around our neighborhood.

He thought ahead (which if you know him, is not his strong point). He sent me tulips and had them delivered EARLY so they would have time to open before Valentines Day.

Let's all sigh together..."Ahhhhhhh...."


Jen said...

What a sweetheart! Where can I find one just like him?

Kelly said...

I just explained to Jared last night that there's a difference between being loved and being adored. It looks like you're being adored! He deserves a smooch!

Kim said...

AWwwww. That really is thoughtful.

Kelly, could you come explain that to my husband too?

Rachel said...

That is REALLY sweet and thoughtful. Awww, points for Bruce!

Trimble said...

Excellent choice in flowers!