Friday, May 15, 2009

Blue Lemon

Bruce and I tried a new restaurant last night. I highly recommend it and it's worth the drive to Highland. It's called Blue Lemon. Here is how the website describes their food:

At Blue Lemon we believe in creating a clean food eating experience beyond what you experience at other establishments. Blue Lemon is always family-friendly with plenty of options for vegetarians and those of us afflicted with health issues. Our delectable menu features only foods that fuel the body in a healthy way without sacrificing taste. After all, what good is the healthiest food in the world if you can’t get it past your lips? Our clean food is all-natural, prepared in a manner designed to maintain and maximize nutrients. Never fried or microwaved, and absolutely never weighed down with anything artificial. We invite you to come and experience a whole new restaurant experience. This is not your typical place to grab something to eat, rather the ambiance and atmosphere will leave you energized, refreshed, and most importantly, satisfied.

We had the fish tacos, the veggie lasagna, a side of tomato and butternut squash soup, and also some sweet potato fries. You could honestly tell that it was done as if it was cooked in your own kitchen...not with a lot of preservatives and artificial ingredients.

It's off the Highland Alpine exit. Go East 5.6 miles, turn left just before the light at Kohlers. It's next the the quilting store.

Enjoy. (to look at the menu)


Kelly said...

my neighbor was raving about this place, too. I'm just wondering... do they have a playland?

jaime said...

Good to know! I'm always looking for good restaurants to show my friends how cool I am that I know posh restaurants :-)

Jen said...

Well, plan a girls night out and I will meet you there.