Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fish Net Stocking and G's.

So yesterday we went to Lagoon for our annual day o' torture...I mean family fun day. We went with my sister and her family, along with some of Bruce's family. My ex-husband and his family were there too! It was a jolly good day.

Here is Berkley sitting in her rocket waiting to blast off. Surprisingly she did very well on the rides and LOVED the Paratroopers (the umbrella ride over by the Samurai). We saw the Hydes, Bainums, and Hodgkinsons. Where were the rest of you?????

After Lagoon Bruce, Charlene and I went to the No Doubt concert. When Bruce and I were first dating one of our initial dates was to a No Doubt concert. I honestly had never heard of them before so I asked Jen who they were. I had to do some quick homework and study up before the concert. Bruce also made me a CD so that helped me with the familiarization process.

Here is their tour promo picture.
Here is the opening of the concert

They had an awesome stage with a screen behing them

Another cool shot of the stage

And another...ok, I realize this is getting old

They also had big screen on either side of the stage. Here is a close up of Gwen. She really is beautiful!

I guess today is Kingston's birthday (her son), so she brought him onstage so we could sing to him. He was adorable and waved excitedly to the crowd. He had headphones on to muffle the deafening crowd, but Gwen took them off for just a few seconds.

Here is a shot of the mosh pit...and we saw some young uns down there. Maybe 8 yrs old???

Have you ever seen a drummer wearing black lipstick and a tu-tu?

And the best part of all was the lady behind us. Do fish net stocking and G's really go well together???? I think not. (sorry, I decided not to publish the photo).


Jen said...

What a fun day! I didn't remember that you didn't know who No Doubt was.

Dave, Lexanne and Cole said...

I am jealous. I love No Doubt. I saw them in concert when they toured with Bush. It was great.

Jon and Jacque said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

jaime said...

The Paratrooper is my favorite ride at Lagoon!!
Also, I was at the concert as well. I concur that it rocked!! I don't know how Gwen has the stamina to run around and dance and still sound good singing!?