Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So we went to Thanksgiving Point's family home evening activity last night.
If you haven't been to the FHE you really should-at least once. It's $3.50 per person (but if you have a membership it's free) and you get a hayride OR a pony ride, there is a craft, and you get to hang with all the animals. I've heard rumors that they have a treat but didn't see any last night. Pictures will be posted later but here is what we saw and did:

*saw 2 itty bitty pygmy goats that were just born the same day
*fed corn to a lama, donkey, calf, turkey, and hens
*saw a Jersey cow get milked (but if you ask Berkley the cow was going potty)
*had a baby calf suck on my fingers...felt funny
*took a 'hay ride' around the farm and watched each horse relieve itself.
*saw a peacock trying woo his girlfriend
*witnessed Berkley FREAK OUT trying to get her to ride the pony (which is why we switched to the hay ride)
*had an ice cream

It was fun. I recommend it. Every Monday 5-7pm. Check out the website for details.


Jen said...

Very Fun - I want to ride a Pony.

Dave, Lexanne and Cole said...

Thanks for the Idea. Sounds like a blast!