Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2 year old going on 20

Bruce heard Berkley get up this morning but thought she went downstairs to sit with Kennedy. Little did he know she was getting ready for the day, complete with bandana, courtesy of Paige's make-up.

Obviously I'm giving in with the last child. Make-up at age 2, dating will be next Summer, and she'll move out on her own just before Kindergarten.

p.s. Do you see all the glitter? Ugh! I see carpet cleaning in my future.


Rachel said...


It looks a little ouchy though. I am imagining a stinging eye.

Trimble said...

That's some funny stuff, not for Paige really though or the carpet. :)

Jen said...

Does one eye look a little heavy to you?

Kim said...

She is so darn cute.

The Allen Family said...

I love it!! Silver is all the rage.