Saturday, October 25, 2008

Miracles Do Happen

Miracle #1:
My former spouse let the girls come to Church today (on his weekend) for the Primary Program.
#2. I remembered that I had promised my SS class I would bring treats. I think I made Chex Muddy Buddies in about 5 minutes flat, picked up the girls for Church and I wasn't even late!

#3. I was able to take the girls back to their dad's, make 2 pies (banana cream and coconut cream) with homemade crusts **tangent** For all you out there who buy pre-made crusts at the grocery store I promise you it's easier, cheaper and less time to make your own. By the time you drove to the store you could have the dough made, rolled and in the oven before your return. If you want to learn we'll have a little pie making lesson one evening **end tangent** wash a mountain of dishes, drink a Diet Coke, AND eat some lunch all before 2:08pm. As a reference point I will tell you I didn't get back from taking the girls to their dads until 1pm. You do the miracle math. Credit should be given to Bruce for heating up my lunch and he did stir the cream filling for about 4.5 minutes which I totally appreciate.

We have to leave for family dinner by 4:45pm so I needed to be sure the pies had time to chill in the fridge and I really didn't think it would be done in time. There is nothing worse than serving banana cream soup, or coconut cream ooze.

Granted, it may not seem like much to you but I was stressing out and feeling like I wasn't going to be able to accomplish all that I wanted today. I feel as though I've used up a lot of favors, miracles, divine intervention, good luck, and anything else along those lines. So as a warning (and an apology) if you planning on having any special needs this week kiss them goodbye. Plan on hitting every red light, being on every solicitor's list, running out of gas, getting audited, and receiving a call from the bishop this included.


Becky said...

Um, I'll totally take some Chex muddy buddies anytime. Seriously. And I totally agree with the whole pie crust thing. Sometimes I think it will be easier to just buy one, but it's always either a pre-made crumbly one, or the dough kind has a hole in it. So much easier just to make my own.

Rachel said...

Wow! What a GREAT day. You must be living a good life :)

And I really think we need a pie-making lesson. Crusts stress me out. I mean...there's always this flakiness expectation, and lately I use up all of my flakiness on myself and have none left for pie. So I need some lessons.

And when I get called by the bishop or audited, I'll know where the blame goes.

Jen said...

I better be getting a piece of coconut cream pie this time!!

Trimble said...

I guess I won't be answering the phone or leaving my house. :)

Bruce said...

As your husband, I am sad to read your blog due to the fact that I have many special needs: "I almost deserve a special parking pass" and you fulfill them all! Let me know when the drought is over.