Friday, October 3, 2008

In Case You Were Wondering.... really hurts when you staple your finger (on accident or on purpose).
...when I told Berkley it was time for bed last night she went and curled up in the dog bed.
...Survivor and The Office were NOT on last night(Grrrr.....).
...I'm not wearing nylons today thus blatantly disobeying the building dress code.
...Bruce & I will be celebrating our 6th anniversary in November.
...When I drink soda from a 20 oz bottle I can get my belch on...I even scare myself sometimes.
...I don't want to work today. For future reference that's how I will feel on any given day.
...Thank you Ashlee....after telling me about Becky's pet spider outside her door I dreamt about gargantuan spiders all night long.
...I shaved my legs today in preparation of my blatant dress code violation.
...It's garbage and recycle day. Mary, Rachel, you need to run and make sure the garbage is out? Will you make sure mine is out?
...Bruce thought today was Saturday so I'm sure he wants to work even less than I do.
...when one DOES staple (on accident or purpose) one's finger a new swear word is born.


Jen said...

Love, Love the new back ground. And would you please stop talking about spiders?

Rachel said...

Oops, sorry, I just read this. I could have checked on your garbage on the way to piano.

Hope your garbage is empty!

Small town country girl said...

ouch why did you staple your finger it does hurt longer then it should

I thought it said Berkley had a spider to go with her praying mantis maybe glad it wasn't her was it a cat faced spider? they are really neat to watch and harmless

The Allen Family said...

I thought I told you to stop stapling your fingers...geez. No really that sounds like it would hurt.

Kim said...

I didn't read this in time to check your garbage. I'm not even sure mine was out.

Sorry your finger hurts, I hope it's better today. Oh, and you just keep those pet spiders on your street, okay.