Friday, October 17, 2008

Happiest Place on Earth

Where is the happiest place on earth? Well everyone has a different 'happy place' and there might possibly be multiple happy places. We have been to the big D. Why is it my happy place? Not because of Mickey, Nemo, Splash Mountain or the Matterhorn. It's because 90% of the food there is fried....deep fried...Mmmmmmm...... Churros, corn dogs, Monte Cristo (or should it be Crisco?) sandwich, fries, and I think even the cotton candy may be deep fried. I love it all but only for about a day and a half. If I see a deep fryer or smell fried anything I may spontaneously burst an artery. I'm not sure if my life insurance covers death by way of hot liquid fat.

Minor bumps in the road- forgot the memory card for the camera, stroller rental was a big disappointment (storage was about 16 square inches), pants don't fit anymore.

Highlights - concierge lounge cookies & all the Diet Coke I could partake of, watching the kids have fun, eating my weight in fried foods, buying new pants.

More to come....stay tuned.


Ruth J said...

But Nancy, how did you LOVE the Toy Story Ride??? I loved it!! Totally Awesome!!

Kim said...

Sounds fun! I hope you were able to get a new memory card and there will be pictures posted soon.

Rachel said...


I need a Disney picture fix.

The Allen Family said...

Soooo fun...I am very Jealous.