Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Haunting and a Boo to You!

Our ward did a great Activity Days recognition night. Mr. Pumpkin was honored to be recognized. He's almost done with his Faith in God book.

We did a trial run of the costume last night. She ran around the house saying "Buzz, buzz, buzz..." Paige is going to be a bee and I think Berkley was having a bug identity problem.

Watch for more pictures of the other kids. I will post as I get them. Connor should be next. A dead Lacrosse player. It depends on how long it takes Bruce to get him dead.

And to all those who remember the treat the Mackay house gave out last year.....lower your expectations.


Jen said...

I want to know what you gave out last year. Berkley looks adorable.

Fancypants said...

King size candy bars. Bruce set the bar very high.

Kim said...

We didn't make it to your house last year, but we heard the rumors. So we decided to do your street first this year. ;)