Monday, October 13, 2008

4 and 4 = 8

Rachel tagged me to post my 4th picture in my 4th folder. I was hesitant because of course it's Berkley. I do have other children that I love dearly and take many pictures of, but it seems that Berkley always seems to take center stage...which the other 3 don't seem to mind and they are easily bought off with ice cream or electronics. So here is my picture - Berkley's aunt Char took her to get these done when she was about 6 months? Sad that I can't remember. She's not a baby any more. **sniff**sniff**
The 8 part of this post is also a tag from Rachel. Listed below are my top 8:

T.V. shows (in no particular order):
1-Project Runway
2-The Office
3-Top Chef
4-Amazing Race
5-Biggest Loser
6-Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends (I love this one because it keeps Berkley occupied for 20 minutes...I know...I'm a horrible mom)
7-'Til Death

Fav Restaurants:
1-JCW's (for the shakes)
2-Bajio (for the chicken green chile salad)
3-Johnny Carino's (for the food)
4-Macaroni Grill (for the chicken scalopini)
5-Olivas (in Miami for the waiters)
6-Cafe Rio (for the pork)
7-Ruths Chris (for the steak)
8-P.F. Chang's (for the lettuce wraps & Mongolian beef)

Things I did yesterday:
1-Went to Church
2-Ran 3 miles
3-Helped Bruce back our trailer into the driveway
4-Made crepes
5-Played games with Bruce, Char & Ashley
6-Ate split pea soup
7-Watched The Amazing Race
8-Ate crepes

Things I love about Fall:
1-My birthday
2-The leaves
3-The crisp air
4-Pumpkins flavored everything
6-Turning on the fireplace
7-Snuggling under warm blankets
8-Hot food (chocolate, apple cider, soup)

Things I look forward to:
1-Our trip to Disneyland
3-Seeing what job our kids will have (McDonalds? JCW's? etc)
4-Going home today
5-The corn dog, Monte Cristo sandwich, and churros at Disneyland.
6-Berkley being potty trained
7-Exercising each day
8-Being with Bruce for eternity

Wish List:
1-My office to move to Lehi.
2-To be on The Amazing Race.
3-Pumpkin flavored shake from JCW's.
4-Berkley to be potty trained.
5-A maid (love that idea Rachel)
6-To be able to sleep through the night
7-Time travel
8-More wishes.

People I tag:
Everyone that reads this (I don't have 8 readers)

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Rachel said...


You're such a sport. Thanks for doing ALL my tags.

And yeah, I think we all need maids, don't you?