Friday, January 9, 2009

Carbon Imprint

So, my carbon imprint on the world was quite high today. 45 Minutes between the Thanksgiving Point and Bluffdale exit.

This is me heading North, going up the Point of the Mountain. BEFORE I realized the nightmare which was awaiting me.

This was my top speed...and it was only for a few minutes. I think my average speed was 2 mph.
This is why. "Dude! You're going to wrong way!"


Mary Denton Taylor said...

Yep. It took Adam more than an hour and a half to get to work today. Yuck!

(PS - Saturday is at Olive Garden - yum!)

Jen said...

Lucky You. I think it is only fair when the South end of the valley has some of the traffic issues.

Rachel said...


I am ever so grateful now that Darwin works 2 miles away.