Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Kennedy

Kennedy turned a whopping 11 years old yesterday. Here are a few things about Kennedy that make her unique.

She is named after a VJ fromMTV (VJ= Video Jocky...when MTC actually played music videos). When I was pregnant with her I was watching t.v. and this person was on and I just loved her name. She had a unique name 11 years ago...I hear it more now. I like to think I started a trend.

She loves cats. This is a picture of her from last Summer. Our family in Idaho has cats and that is where she gets her kitty fix.

She has had a tooth pulled without any anesthetic. It wasn't even loose but needed to come out because of an infection. Brave girl. She says she will never to it again but she gets a lot of points for doing it once.

She is quite the joker. Sometimes it gets her in trouble (a little bit) and we need to help her keep her sarcasm in bounds.

She is a sensitive girl and has a tender heart.

She also has tender arms due to her getting allergy shots 2-3 times each month. She will be so tough that the Navy Seals will recruit her.

She sleep walks...which is quite funny for me and Bruce. She wanders in our room once in awhile and we know she is under the influence of the REM cycle.

She is a good friend to many and it's fun to see her circle of friends grow.

As a baby she didn't develop a sucking reflex. Therefore we taped her binky in her mouth (not really but it was a thought) and she had to use a special bottle that babies with a cleft palate use.


Rachel said...

Wow! All very interesting about Miss Kennedy. Michael took forever to develop a sucking reflex and we had to feed him with a syringe for like a month. I always wondered what would have happened if he never got the reflex...and now I KNOW!

Happy Birthday Kennedy!

Mary Denton Taylor said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (from your adoring primary choirister) You ROCK!!!!!! January is an AWESOME month to be born!! (Hi Nancy! Thought I'd better not ignore you since it's your blog!)

Trimble said...

Happy birthday to beautiful Kennedy. BTW- have you seen the previews for New in Town? I thought you'd be excited about that one.