Thursday, January 29, 2009


You've probably seen me talk about Potsy, our Weimaraner (see blog title for pronunciation), on this blog. He was a dog we adopted and weren't sure if we would be able to keep him (for various reasons). He has really become a part of the family and here is why I fell in love with the breed years ago. These are not my pictures (thank heavens for Google) but they help show why this is such a beautiful breed.

Puppies are born with blue eyes but they turn yellow as adults. They have such a regal presence. They were originally bred to hunt large game (bears, boars, deer) so if a bear shows up in our neighborhood Potsy will save us.
There is a famous photography who has done work for Sesame Street (see video below) and also books with his dogs posing dressed up. If you have a minute watch the videos. The first is short and the second one is longer.

I am looking forward to Spring so we can teach our Potsy some fun tricks and play with him outside. He's learned quite a bit and I can put a piece of chicken in front of him and he won't eat it until I give him the command. Now I need to figure out how to teach Bruce the same trick! (ha-ha...I just thought of that...I love you sweetheart!)


Rachel said...

I love William Wegman's dogs. We have quite a few of the books. The kids enjoy looking at the pics.

Yay for Potsy, the beat hunter.

Kim said...

I've seen those dogs on Sesame Street. It was one of Jonathan's favorite parts of the show. I'm glad to know Potsy will save us all if there's a bear in the neighborhood. And I'm really glad you could keep him. He loloks like a sweet dog.