Monday, January 12, 2009

Thank you Ash!

Last time we went to Idaho I meant to take a picture of this house. Ashley did and posted it on her BLOG and I admit I'm stealing - thanks Ash.

Yes, it's a real house. Does anyone remember the Teton Dam breaking in the 70's? I think the owner lost his house in the flood and rebuilt in the shape of a boat for added insurance. I was actually in Rexburg when it happened, visiting my cousins.

Side story: My cousin went to school with Bruce. In all my years visiting family in Rexburg Bruce and I MAY have crossed paths. How weird is that?!?


Jen said...

That is one funky house. Don't you wish you could watch a tape of your life to see if you ever did cross his path?

Kim said...

That's much more fun than the orange house next to my mom's. If it were my house though, I'd make it a pirate ship.

Question. If there's another flood will the house float?

Trimble said...

Wow, all of the above is a little bit weird. I'm totally with Kim on the question. Our show is on tonight! Wahoo! Tonight's a busy night for shows: Mommas Boys, Bachelor and True Beauty. Good times at our house! :)

Fancypants said...

Jen: We often discuss if our paths crossed...we like to think they did.

Kim: What about an orange boat shaped house?? Float? Highly doubt it. All that work for nothing.

Trimble: So DARN excited for the delicious t.v. tonight. I did see the first episode of True Beauty. None of those people are over-the-top beautiful, especially once they open their mouths.

Bruce said...

Yeah! Now that I think about it, I do remember "hooking up" with one of Becky Blackhams cousins from Utah. Did you have a "Frankie say RELAX" T-shirt, braces, and a blond perm?

Rachel said...

All of the above is something to make ya go, "Hmmmmmm."

My house get cherrios dropped all over the floor often. Perhaps I shall rebuild it into the shape of a vacuum.