Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Too Much!

I have too much to talk about today! If everything I was thinking of was an article in the paper here are the headlines:

Lehi Man Wins Husband of the Year! (Bruce got me a personal trainer for Christmas who comes to my house 2x a week)

Two Year Old Has Tummy Troubles. (Berkley is constipated...TMI? sorry)

Utah Woman Hasn't Slept For 3 Days. (I've been sleeping impaired...only 3-4 hours per night. The worst part? No particular reason except that I'm SLEEPING IMPAIRED!)

Winter Blues Settle In. (I am SO over this snow)

Money? What money? (2 kids start braces this month)

Child Protective Services Investigate Incident. (I'm such a mean mom. I make my kids take home lunch 4 days a week and they only get 1 school lunch per week. I think my kids hate me for that)


Jen said...

I too am over this stupid snow. Although it is pretty I am sick of being cold, sick of sliding off the road (which I have done about 5 times this year) sick - sick - sick

Ashley Samantha said...

When I was in school my friends were all jealous of the lunches I brought from home. One even wrote about it in my yearbook (I was perusing it the other day for some reason. Probably just because I saw it...). Does their school have really delicious lunches or something? I don't remember wanting school food very often.

Fancypants said...

There are a few favorite lunches: Shrimp poppers, chicken patty sandwich, pizza day (1 slice!!!), and Paige is loving the salad bar at Jr. High. The reason I don't let her eat more there is because it's still so expensive.

Kim said...

You weren't kidding when you said Bruce was good at gift giving. Enjoy your personal torturer
(I mean trainer). Seriously, that is a great gift.

Jonathan hates it when I make him eat school lunch. Except for Pizza day, he likes that one.