Friday, December 12, 2008

Blog Fog Dog

I've been in a bit of a fog lately. It all started last Friday night when I made an impulse purchase. Actually I've been thinking of buying this for years now and one just happened to fall in my lap, so to speak.
It's larger than a breadbox, smaller than a horse....barely, organic, cleans the carpet and wood floors, great alarm system (both by keeping strangers at bay and waking me up), and makes as much poop as a horse.

It's Tater. I took pity on the woman selling him because she was going through a divorce and getting deployed to Iraq in a month. He had little human interaction and needed a good home. Unfortunately 2 of the 4 kids have allergies to him. I knew it was a trial thing. We will give him the love he deserves until a good home is found. If anyone knows of someone looking for a big, lovable, nearly the size of a horse dog, I know where they can find one. Crate and Kennel included and I will throw in the floor cleaning service for free.

Tater is 2 years old and a purebred Weimaraner. His 'tots' were removed on Tuesday so he is very easy going now.

Don't make fun of my shoe/sock/pants combo. There's a reason for this hideous trio. I promise.


Jen said...

Oh Fonda - I do hope that you find a good home for tater and his missing 'tots'"

Dave, Lexanne and Cole said...

That is so sad. He is a beautiful dog. Good Luck.

Kim said...

I wish I could take him, but 3 large dogs would be a little much. He is so cute though. I hope you find a good home for him.

Rachel said...

Awww, he is a cutie.

We're more of a cat/hyper kid house...;)

Kim said...

Have you found a home for Tater yet? I can see if they'll let you put up signs at the Legacy center if you want.

Russ would kill me for offering, but if it comes down to having to take him to a shelter, I'll volunteer to be his temporary doggy foster home.

Fancypants said...

Kim - a shelter is not an option. I know what goes on there. We are fine keeping him for now. The girls allergies seem to have subsided a little. It could have been a partial cold as well. Kennedy also announced that she hadn't itched for a few days. We are keeping him for now, unless a good situation comes along. And of course we would like to re-coup some of our costs, so I'm not sure who is willing to pay $200 in this economy. I will let you know if we get desparate.

Kim said...

I'm glad you're able to keep him for now. Have you tried allergy medicine for the kids? I am allergic to cats and I take Zyrtec for other allergies, but I have noticed that cats are not bothering my like they used to. Who knows, maybe I grew out of it or maybe the medicine is doing it.