Thursday, December 4, 2008

"But officer..."

With gas prices being much more reasonable lately I find myself driving to work more. I know it's not very 'green' of me but I pass the freeway entrance on the way to the parking lot and the seat warmer is just kicking in, the heater is beginning to toast my toes and if you had a choice of standing in the cold and waiting for a bus that will be packed and you have to either stand OR scrunch in between people OR staying in your warm snugly car listening to your favorite radio station and getting to work 15 minutes earlier...what would you do?

Well I digress.

Every day I have driven into work I've seen at least 4 (each day) people pulled over and receiving a bit of Christmas cheer from our beloved UHP.

So can I let my pride show through a little and say that in my 22 years of driving I've never, yes you read it right, NEVER received a speeding ticket.

I didn't say I've never been pulled over....but I've never received one. That being said I've only been pulled over once for speeding and that's when I was married to a policeman and I think I got a free pass for that one....which I gladly took. I admit that I MIGHT be a fast driver on occasion but I embrace the stereotypical 'women are fast drivers'. Someone has to give credibility to the image, right?

I HAVE received a ticket for an improper turn but the street was poorly marked and I was only following the car in front of me (who also got a ticket).

Lessons for the day:

Don't follow the person in front of you AND
Don't get caught speeding.

p.s. Do you dare admit how many tickets you have had?????????


Mary Denton Taylor said...

Only one - in Iowa - it was my husbands fault! He told me to speed!!!!

I did get pulled over for "not coming to a complete stop at the 4 way stop going south on 300 W right before State St. And I just have to say that I came to a better stop then 3/4 of the people who drive through there. ...but I didn't get a ticket that time.

Kim said...

Three, I think. Let's see... One in S. Salt Lake, one in Draper and one in Lehi. Yep, three. Two for speeding and one for causing an accident. My last ticket was more than 5 years ago. I'm a much safer driver now.

Kim said...

Mary - 300 W is a speed trap. That is where I got my last ticket.

Jen said...

I too have NEVER received a ticket. I have been pulled over twice but my charm and good looks always gets me off with a caution to please slow down. (The parking ticket in SFO yesterday doesn't count)

Rachel said...

I have never gotten pulled over or gotten a ticket.