Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is my sister's birthday. She is the first born of the family and lives in a little town about 1 1/2 hours away.

Here she is at Dland with my other siblings. She has the brown braids and the blue shirt.

This was her birthday about 36 years ago. She is hiding behind that fashion forward sweater. Do I look like Berkley or what???? (I'm on the left in those totally cool pajamas).

Here are a few things I remember about growing up with her:
I remember her obsession with the Osmonds and the Donny and Marie Show.

I remember feeling so super cool when I got to sleep in her room on the floor. Remember those sticky tiles that were like a hybrid carpet? She had those in her room. I thought her 4 poster bed was a princess bed but I was convinced something lurked under it.

I remember spying on her when she and her boyfriend (Darin something) were in the basement 'watching t.v.' **wink**wink**

I remember when she went to college at Utah State and driving up there to drop her off. I was so sad. I also remember going up to visit for a weekend. She made me, her baby sister, feel so welcomed.

I remember her dating Ken and I didn't like him that much....but I was an angry teen so I was following protocol. I eventually grew to love him (I had no choice once they got married) and I loved him even more when he took me for rides on his motorcycle.

I remember when she had her first baby...the first grandchild. I loved going to help her out..even though my mom did most of the work. I was there for moral support.

Thanks big sis for always being a good example to me and loving me and supporting me through my tough times.

I love you.


Jen said...

What a cute blog - I may have to steal this idea for someone in my family.

Rachel said...

Such a cute idea! What fun sisters.