Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Six Quirks

So, you can't really run away from Blog tagging like you run away from a cootie infested boy chasing you in the 3rd grade.

Six Quirks About Me:
1. I'm bugged that I live in America yet I still need to 'Press 1 for English'. I'm fine with pressing 1 for Spanish and I'm glad I live in a country that gives opportunity to all. Just don't make me press a number for my native tongue.

2. I listen to talk radio every night while falling asleep or if I wake up in the night and can't go back to sleep. KSL has some really interesting stuff on at 3am. Colon cleansing infomercial, Billy Graham, etc.

3. I make the kids pay me when they leave things laying around the house. The latest problem has been pens and pencils. This could be dangerous because we have a 2 year old around (right Stoddard?). If I find one the guilty party has to give me .25 cents. I've only collected .50 so far but they are getting the message loud and clear.

4. I hate fish sticks. This goes back to my childhood and eating them at least twice a week, or at least that's what it seemed like. I love you mom!

5. I prefer to drive to work on snowy days vs. taking the bus. The bus is always late and because we are the last stop it's always full because it's picked up multiple groups of people at each stop because it's late....it's much faster to drive and driving in the snow does not bother me.

6. I'm a mean mom (refer to # 3).


Jen said...

My mom tried the charge for belongs left around the house. It worked for Kris but I just didn't care if I never got the left shoe back. I would go bare foot or wear a different pair.

Rachel said...

I like the charging idea. I just take stuff and keep it for a couple weeks if I ask and they don't clean it up. But I like the idea of turning this SAHM gig into a money-making thing. ;)

Trimble said...

Hmmm, making money...good idea ladies! Maybe Bosko doesn't need to get a job, we'll just take Danger's money when he doesn't put things away. Wait, he doesn't have any money...I guess we won't call off the job hunt.

I'm totally with you on the fish sticks! Bleh

Becky said...

Oooh, I have a great idea! Any pens that Alli draws on walls with, I'll take them and throw them on your floor. Your kids will have to pay you for them, and then we'll split the profit. That sounds fun!

Fancypants said...

Sounds good Becky. We will be rich before we know it!